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Early Learning Program Spotlight: Helping Your Preschooler Achieve Independence

If you are the parent of a young one like I am, it feels like every time you blink your eyes, your child has grown just a little bit more. You’re overfilled with pride when you watch your tiny tot reach a new milestone – like when they roll over for the first time, start to walk, begin speaking in easily identifiable sentences or pour their first glass of milk on their own.

It’s bittersweet, isn’t it? One moment, you can’t stop beaming. The next moment, you’re filled with a sadness that you never expected. Your baby is growing up and becoming independent. Hard as it may be at first, learning independence is a very important step toward your child’s early childhood development education. Continue reading

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Annual Halloween Parade at our Day Care in Stamford CT

Trick or treat! At our day care in Stamford CT, we will be celebrating Halloween with a special costume parade on Monday, October 31st at 10:00 AM outside in our parking lot.

Your child is encouraged to come to school with his/her Halloween costume and join their fellow princesses and superheroes for an exciting parade. If you prefer bring your child’s costume to school and the teachers will get them ready right before the parade. Our staff of early childhood development education teachers have the option to wear costumes as well and will lead the participating group of fun, dressed-up characters around the front of the building. Continue reading

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Ensuring Proper Nutrition at Home & Away

Recent studies are showing that in the fight against childhood obesity, the focus should be shifted to local daycare centers. Childcare providers as well as instructors of CT early learning programs are responsible for our children while we’re away at work, and often times, that responsibility includes feeding our children. Continue reading

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Teaching Your Child the Value of Friendship at their CT Early Learning Center

With the onset of a new school year, your children will be encountering many new and unfamiliar little faces. If your child hasn’t been to a CT early learning center or enrolled in CT early learning programs, they may not be used to daily interactions with other kids.

While it always appears to adults that friendships form so naturally among young ones, your child may actually be feeling some anxiety about making friends, particularly if you have a little one who is on the shyer side. Continue reading

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Sharing Some Great Lunch Ideas at Our Day Care in Stamford CT

As another new school year begins at Building Blocks Early Learning Center, many parents at our day care in Stamford CT and Stamford preschool learning center have approached us with the same question: “What kind of lunches should I pack for my child to bring to their childcare learning center?”

As we all know, lunch time is very important for re-energizing our children mid-day so that they can run, jump, play and, most importantly, learn. Bologna sandwiches in the lunchbox just aren’t cutting it anymore. There’s a strong focus today on making sure our children are eating healthy when they are away from home and at their Stamford preschool learning center or school. Unfortunately, as working parents, we don’t always have a ton of time in the mornings to make super intricate mid-day meals. Thus, there must be a balance between quick and easy, healthy and nutritious and portable. Continue reading

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