Welcoming Your Child To The World

Life is lived hands on, and at our CT early learning centers, we believe that learning should be too. We know that children thrive when they receive exceptional levels of attention and support, and our early childhood education curriculum does just that, encouraging and fostering growth in every dimension.

The Building Blocks Integrated Approach provides comprehensive CT early learning programs for all spheres of life: physical, intellectual, and social. Classes are kept small to ensure your child receives the individual attention and direct interaction that early learners need to grow and develop at their best.

The foundation of our CT early learning center curriculum is built on the love of learning: encouraging creativity and self-expression, and instilling the joy of physical activity through fun lessons and play to create happy, healthy children.

Healthy bodies are important. That’s why every student at our CT early learning centers are enrolled in our exclusive Wellness Curriculum: Building Generation Healthy. The curriculum teaches and reinforces healthy habits by providing age-appropriate, fun physical development activities.

Healthy minds are important. That’s why we have an exceptional team of dedicated, passionate early childhood development education teachers who guide and cultivate the love of learning through creative, effective, comprehensive, and engaging lessons.

Monthly Themes Makes Learning Easy and Fun for Your Child

The Building Blocks Integrated Approach means your child’s day is filled with activities that encourage development in all domains. Instructors use a monthly theme for lesson planning. When your child is learning about shapes in the classroom, for example, they’ll also play shape-matching games in gym; draw and paint shapes during art activity period, and read stories about shapes to promote language acquisition and core knowledge development.
Covering the theme material in different ways helps your child remember and retain the information they’ve learned on a deeper level. Recent monthly themes have included “All About Me,” “Families,” “Shapes” and “Colors.”

With our CT early learning programs, we take the lessons and ideas from the classroom and bring them into the playroom, connecting the dots physically and intellectually so your child can understand concepts on the most fundamental and deepest levels.

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6 Weeks – 18 Months



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Super Blocks

For Children Ages
4 Years – 5 Years