Welcome to the Baby Blocks program! A program designed with your little one in mind. We as parents understand how  difficult it is to find the right setting for your child. That’s why our Baby Blocks program, a second home for your family, was created with environments that are safe, warm and inviting with nurturing staff.


Safety at Building Blocks is of utmost important to us and our goal is to not only meet the guidelines put forth by the State of Connecticut but to exceed them. Our classrooms are set up in a way that allow children to explore and create in a safe manner.


Our goal is to create a safe atmosphere while your child grows and develops using a curriculum that incorporates the following domains: physical and health, social and emotional, cognitive, language, and creative arts.

Infants take part in activities that prepare them for the world around them. From tummy time, to sitting up, to crawling and taking their first steps, the children are guided through their physical development. While developing language skills, the children are introduced to our sign language program as a means of communication.  While adapting to the their new environments, the children learn to trust caring adults and interact with children which is important for their social emotional development. Through fun sensory activities the children explore their senses and create projects that become loving keepsakes to treasure!