A big part of our Preschool Academy program is teaching the children independent self help skills. The teachers also focus on peer conflict resolution which is a process which students act as mediators to resolve disputes among themselves. These skills are essential to their Social Emotional Development and their progression into the Super Blocks program and Kindergarten!

While your child is enjoying their day at school their development is enhanced using the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards. These standards with early learning experiences support children to:

• Be Creative

• Be Inquisitive

• Be Flexible

• Be Critical Thinkers

• Be Purposeful and Reflective

• Be Social Learners

The Development standards are aligned with the CT Elementary Curriculum so your child will be prepared to enter Kindergarten upon the completion of the BBELC program. Our weekly lesson plans outline Goals and Objectives in the following areas:

• Language and Literacy

• Social and Emotional Development

• Physical Development and Health

• Cognition

• Creative Arts

• Science

• Mathematics

• Social Studies

Weekly lessons are posted for parents. We feel at home and school connection plays a tremendous role in your child’s development. Our teachers track your child’s progression throughout the year and you will have the opportunity to meet with your child’s teachers twice a year to discuss their Progress reports. These meetings provide an opportunity for teachers to discuss all your child’s accomplishments throughout the year.

We use the Reggio Emilia approach to create environments that serve as a Third teacher. Teachers become observers in the learning process and track the children’s interests through observations during play.