4 and 5 Year Olds

The Building Blocks SUPER BLOCKS PROGRAM incorporates 5 key development  areas that will engage your child through independent exploration, structured activities, hands on learning all while having fun at school and engaged in play!

Our Mighty Math program provides basic Math skills that set the building blocks to your child’s education. Math is important in everyday life, therefore BBELC offers a PLAY! based Math program that makes learning math concepts fun while preparing children for their future education! Our program focuses on Math concepts that include: Number names, Written Numerals, Recognition of Quantity, Number Operations, Measurement, Sorting and Classifying, and Identification and Composition of Shapes. All these concepts are approached in a fun way using materials from the world around us! Children are asked: Can you stack 5 rocks? How could you count the petals of a flower? What measuring tools can be used to compare objects all while exploring their environment.

The children have the opportunity to explore their environments and the world around them while they take part in Early Scientific Inquiry. Through fun hands-on learning activities the children apply scientific practices which include questioning and making predictions. Each child records the information in a BBELC Science journal. Through the program they begin the understanding of patterns, process and relationships of living things, understanding of physical sciences and features of the earth. Classes take part in engaging science experiments that promote math and science skills!

The Choose Love Enrichment Program emphasizes on teaching children how to Choose Love in any circumstance. It focuses on 4 important character values- Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Compassion in Action. Children learn that CHOOSING LOVE means choosing to live a life with Courage and Gratitude, practicing Forgiveness, and being compassionate individuals.

Where your child will jump aboard and explore books while becoming emergent readers! The Reading Express program starts your child on the path to fluent literacy. The program will help your child demonstrate alphabet knowledge, a concept of what a word is, a sense of story (beginning, middle, end), listening and retelling skills, phonemic awareness, and verbal expression.
During the program, children are assessed in their literacy skills and feedback is provided to families midyear and before entering Kindergarten!

A fun, hands-on school readiness program. “Get Set for School” by Handwriting Without Tears, is an award-winning Pre-K curriculum that focuses on playful learning to develop coloring, drawing, counting, building and handwriting readiness skills. The teachers will be using music, dough, and wood pieces. “Get Set for School” enables children to excel at their current level and to build from there. This program teaches “from the bottom up” meaning that it starts with what they know and builds up from there.

There are three core learning areas that are found in this program; readiness and writing, language and literacy and numbers and math. Readiness and Writing focuses on the skills that are essential for school: physical, language, cognitive, social and perceptual. Through the Language and Literacy area the children will learn through dramatic play, singing and finger plays, manipulatives and movement that there is meaning to words that they say